Bambo Nature by ABENA - because we care

Our story

For more than 40 years now, Bambo Nature products have been developed and manufactured by ABENA, a family-owned company (third generation as we write this) headquartered in Denmark. We develop and produce skin- and eco-friendly diapers and baby products for families all over the world.

You can find traces of our Nordic heritage in every product we create – in our designs, as well as the ingredients and materials we use. Bambo Nature was the first baby diaper in the world to earn the esteemed Nordic Swan Ecolabel certifications.

Today, our family of baby care products include not only disposable diapers, pants, and wipes, but a skin care line that is safe for your baby and the rest of your family as well.  

Our commitment

Each Bambo Nature product is designed to give you comfort and safety by using quality ingredients and materials. Most importantly, our products have proven to be as strong and effective as they are safe and sustainable.

Our Bambo Nature baby care products have earned the highest level of credentials, awards, and ecolabels in the world. We believe that choosing safe, gentle and eco-friendly products for your baby shouldn’t mean compromising performance. We continue to research and innovate so we can exceed our goals as well as your expectations.

Our responsibility

We want to leave a healthy planet full of natural resources for our children and the generations after them. To help minimize our impact on the environment, ABENA, the manufacturer of Bambo Nature products, voluntarily undergoes strict environmental inspections of our products, from raw material collection to production, consumption and waste.

Our facilities in Denmark recycle 95% of all waste from our production of baby diapers, e.g. foil wrapping from raw materials and surplus textiles. Waste is collected and sold to recycling companies to be processed in a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle that transforms it into new raw materials. We are also proud members of the United Nations Global Compact.